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What is the Valley Vineyard Church?
Values are how we do it:IMG-who-park
Every house is built upon a foundation. The Vineyard is built upon the foundation of the Bible and our theology – how we think about God – and our values, the kinds of ideas and attitudes that we feel are important.

Values concern what a particular church feels like, the atmosphere of the church, the ethos. It is possible for two churches to believe exactly the same doctrine, but feel very different because two churches have different value systems. Here is an overview of our key values at the Vineyard.

The Valley Vineyard is a place that is about community. This is where church happens. We see community as a group of people living a life that is transforming and full. A place where people are there for one another, offering support in any way needed. Through community we are able to lift up and support one another. We want to be a place of safety and comfort. We want to accept people where they are but love them enough not to leave them there.

The Valley Vineyard is a place where relationships are valued. Relationships are an important part of our lives. We want people to be able to feel safe in relationships. We want relationships that are honest, open, and real. It means a relationship with God and relationship with others that allows us to grow and strengthen us and the people around us.

Service – OutreachIMG-who-park-fall
It is a place that believes in reaching out to others as we reach up to God through serving our community and outreaching to others. We believe God’s love is free, therefore we serve for free. We do this in simple, practical ways. It may be by buying a cup of coffee, a bag of groceries or offering help where needed. It may simply be spending time with and listening to a person when they are in need. We are to be a people who are outward focused. This means to live a life where we are looking to meet the needs of our community.

God’s Word
We believe that the Bible is our guide in how to live. Our goal is to do what Jesus did; love people in all walks of life. We believe that the Christian life is not meant to be lived alone, but in relationship with others. It is through relationships with God, studying His Word that we are nurtured and grow. Learning from the Bible and living a Christian life is a lifelong process. To listen to the weekly message online click here.

Our worship is an intimate time for each person to connect with God. We believe in singing to God and not about God. We want our lives to be about living a life of worship. We do this by honoring and praising God through song, praying, at work, and in our daily relationships.

We also show love to people through prayer. We believe that through prayer, the Holy Spirit can touch people’s hearts and lives and bring real healing. It is through prayer, that lives can be fully restored. We believe that God through His Works of power and mercy show His presence.

Life’s Journeypure-waters-day-outreach
We see that life is a journey and our walk with God is a journey. We want the Vineyard to a place where people are free to use their gifts and talents for God and others. We believe the Holy Spirit works in us to heal us, free us, and change us to become more like Jesus. We want to live a life that models Jesus.

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