Ways To Connect

We believe in serving our community by showing God’s love in simple, practical ways. We believe that God’s love and grace are free. This is why we do not take any donations or offerings when we serve in our community. We want to serve our community the way Jesus has served us, freely with love. We want Jesus’ love to outflow into others and into the community of Chippewa. So you may receive a free cup of coffee, a bottle of water, or some other type of service. Just enjoy it as a blessing from God. And remember God loves you! Click here to view the most recent information.

Thus, outreaches are an integral part of our church. We reach out to others and serve our community in various ways. We have a wide variety of activities that we do in our community to express God’s love. Please feel free to check out these activities and discover how God’valentine_tables love can be expressed in simple ways and change the world!

Growth groups are a valuable part of who we are. We believe that the church community is not only about what happens on  Sunday morning, but what happens between Monday and Saturday. Growths groups, in particular, are an important part of developing this community. The goal of growth groups is to develop real relationships with others on life’s journey. It is a journey that is about seeking Jesus. We believe growth groups provide these types of relationships that can transform lives and community.

Here at the Valley Vineyard church we really value our children! We are committed to our children developing a genuine relationship with God. This starts with a safe, welcoming environment where kids not only learn, but have fun. We feel it is important to teach age appropriate lessons from the Bible. We do this through stories, discussion time, crafts and Bible games. We love being able to watch our kids grow in faith and cultivate relationships made with one another. Our children’s church meets during the second half of our worship service. Come and check us out!

In the Vineyard, we have a saying that “everyone gets to play.” This is also true of our children. Our children are welcome to participate in any and all activities we do at the Vineyard. Some of these activities include outreaches, praying for each other, and serving.

We want the youth to personally connect with Jesus in a real way. We are committed to the understanding that young people are an integral part of the community of faith and that they are in every sense, “the church of today”. Our heart is to see the young people in the Vineyard functioning in the call of God on their lives and the participating in the things of the Kingdom, growing in this journey with God.

Each week is packed full of exciting games, powerful worship and an interesting message or study from God’s Word. Our Kids Group are for grades 3 thru 5 and meet from 5:30-6:30 pm every Wednesday during the school year. Our Youth Group are for grades 6 thru 12 and meet 6:30-8:00 pm every Wednesday during the school year. We want everyone to feel welcome, no need to sign up, anyone can attend.

Our worship team is growing and always excited to worship God through song. The worship team is involved in the Sunday service as well as small groups and various events throughout the year. We look forward to seeing God act through worship.

We sing songs to God, not about God. This is something we can do together, corporately, as a community of people to honor and praise Him. There are many expressions of worship, but the important part of our focus is on God. So it is o.k. if at first you do not know the words to the songs; we did not either. Just come and experience God in a real and relevant way.


Our food pantry provides an about 400-700 pounds of food for the needy in our community. The food pantry is open to anyone, we give based on need not income. Open weekly, if are in need just come during normal hours on Tuesday and Thursday 5pm-7pm at 910 Bridgewater Ave. If you are interested in donating or serving at our food pantry please contact us.


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